Pamela M. Turner, CFT

     May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. Psalm 20:4

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Pamela M. Turner is a highly respected fitness professional and an expert at showing people how to have fun and get moving! Pamela is the owner and president of TurneRound Fitness, LLC, and certified by ISSA. She educates and motivates her clients through her unique style of coaching. Pamela is dedicated to promoting health and fitness to people of all ages. She is one of the most sought after personal trainers in the Tri-State area.

Ms. Turner is a working woman and entrepreneur who thrives by meeting the needs of her TurneRound Fitness, LLC Clients. Experienced and goal-oriented for herself and her clients, Pamela offers custom training regimens for a diverse client base. "My philosophy is to transform people's way of thinking about fitness and taking control of their physical well-being. My goal is to help my clients feel great and look fabulous." Ms. Turner's personalized regimens are not just about diet and exercise. She is a trainer that helps bridge the gap between health and fitness.



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BS in Computer Science from Caldwell College August 1995
MS in Engineering Management from New Jersey Institute of Technology January 2001

International Sports Sciences Association: Certified Fitness Trainer
CEC- IDEA Health and Fitness Association: Nutrition Certificate
American Red Cross: Adult, Infant and Child CPR
CEC- Practical Yoga for Personal Trainers: Specialty Certificate in Yoga
CEC- IDEA Health and Fitness Association: Help Clients Lose Weight Certificate
CEC- IDEA Health and Fitness Association: BootCamp Certificate

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