Client Testimonials

"I am very happy with the results I am getting thus far. Pamela is always on the spot to answer any questions I may have. I highly recommend TurneRoundFitness. Pounds seem to be melting away!" J. Stocker (Easton, PA)

"I am happy with my results and very satisfied with the training you're giving me. I love the one-on-one training, which suits me best. I am aware of what I'm doing at all times and knowing what to do makes it very easy to keep on track. I love your determination and patience with me. I thank you for all that you do, you are just who I need in my life to stay focused. Mind body and soul makes a big difference in my life. You are just fabulous and I would recommend anyone to work with you. You care and that's what so important to me." D. Reed (Easton, PA)

"Pamela Turner has developed a unique business. Her mobile fitness center is convenient and well equipped to satisfy the novice to the more advanced. Pamela provides challenging workout regimes, nutritional counseling, and a healthy dose of “motivation” to keep you going during workouts. I find Pamela's weekly workouts to be fun and well planned…no two weeks are the same! Pamela also tracks my weekly progress, which enables me to see my progress. I recommend TurneRound Fitness to anyone looking to lose weight, have fun, and ensure a healthy way of living.” C. Jones (North Brunswick, NJ)

"I love the boot camp class it keeps me going and I look forward to attending every week. You're great Pam." JA. Crespo (Plainfield, NJ)

"It's teaching me different ways I can use my exercise ball & weights in a workout. Before I was always leery about using them because I didn't want to hurt myself now I'm more comfortable. Also my instructor is very upbeat, keeps me on my toes, & is kind enough to also show the low impact side of exercising for the full figured woman like myself. I enjoy the class very much." J. Curry (Hillsborough, NJ)

"Working with Pam has really impacted my life, I now exercise everyday. The program is now a way of life and it feels great!"- E. Turner-Bell (Roselle, NJ)

"Pamela has motivated me to get off the couch. I've lost 10lbs and I am on my way to a healthier lifestyle. The boot camp is great because it allows me to have a hardcore workout that's filled with variety."- T. Sass (Lower Macungie, PA)

"Pamela has motivated me to read labels, monitor my caloric intake and to exercise. After 3 months I do see a difference in my flexibility and toning. I have more energy now. Thank you Pam for being my friend, trainer, and therapist."- Z. Dockery (Hamilton, NJ)

"Since joining TurneRound Fitness Services in January 2006, I feel free to be the real new me--- fit, fine and fabulous! My fit body now experience more energy and flexibility on a daily basis. My trainer, Ms. Pamela Turner, is also a plus for my new total fitness--- mind, body, and soul. Ms. Turner continuously establishes a program fit just for me, and she provides necessary educational information concerning current health and fitness trends. Most importantly, Ms. Turner has a sincere and dedicated attitude encouraging me to stay focus, to obtain my goals, and to maintain the new and improved life. Yes, because of TurneRound Fitness Services, I am fit, I feel fine, and Look Fabulous!"- B. Yates (Newark, NJ)

"I have never been so inspired like I am now. It is just great and I have so much motivation. I have learned a lot and truly enjoy the class." JE. Crespo (Plainfield, NJ)


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